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We specialise in rapid prototyping and low-volume production (1 to 100+) of end-use components using modern CNC machines.

With manufacturing facilities located close to Lisbon, Portugal, we can deliver high-quality precision CNC machined parts to the European market with short turnaround times.

We are not a middleman! We operate our own workshop in Portugal to ensure the highest quality standards on everything we produce.

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What sets us apart

Precision and quality

We offer state-of-the-art multi-axis machining services which, combined with our top quality engineering knowledge, skill and expertise ensures your parts are produced exactly as you need them.

No Minimum Quantity

Tired of long production lead times or high part quantity requirements? We know the feeling! No matter how small your quantity needs are, we can accommodate your project and deliver prototype CNC machined parts in a matter of days.

fast Response

In the modern world, speed is key. We will respond to your quote request within 24 hours, verifying your requirements and giving you a competitive offer.

Just a few examples

Sample CNC machined parts

We take pride in everything we do! These are just a few examples of the CNC machined parts we have made for our clients. Hover your cursor over the images to learn more about the materials and finishes used. For more examples, please visit our Machined Parts Gallery.

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Activity sectors

We provide precision CNC machined parts for a wide range of fields, ranging from the medical, railway and automotive industries, to the aeronautical, aerospace and R&D sectors. We also cater to the fast-expanding market of makers and hobbyists.







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Part Options

Specify the desired part quantity, material, finish and tolerance and attach your 3D model files (.STEP, .STP).

Reference 2D drawings are not required in our process though always helpful if you have specific design criteria that you are trying to accomplish. Attaching additional reference drawings can only help (.DXF, .DWG, .PDF).

If any special instructions or comments need to be relayed (for example threaded or reamed holes), please include them also.

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